Pianist / Composer / Poet

Anna Evas

Music is the love-hunger
of silence.”

– Anna Evas

Music Scores

Beginning to Intermediate Pianists

Advanced Pianists


Celestial Garden

by I. Andante | Composed and performed by Anna Evas

Twelve Tastings

by XII. Black Cherry | Composed and performed by Anna Evas

Unwritten Words

by 10. Vines of the Nightshade | Composed and performed by Anna Evas

Praise for Celestial Garden


“Gorgeous, imaginative and thought provoking.”  Sharon Stewart, NCTM

“ . . a beautiful addition to 21st century piano literature!” Hope Armstrong Erb, VMTA Commissioned Composer Chair, 2016 YWCA Outstanding Women Awardee in the Arts, Award winning pianist, teacher, and conductor

“Congratulations – beautifully composed and played.” Fay Barss

“[The music] puts me outside in the midst of my garden, noting the beauty of each flower, and longing to stay in their presence. Sunlight dapples on some, while shadows cover others, all unique and unfathomable. I’m lost in the vision of the sound.”  Gabriella Zorzi Ryan, NCTM